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suggestive142989 artist:lil miss jay2495 dj pon-329258 octavia melody23765 vinyl scratch29257 earth pony248765 unicorn323352 anthro260221 full service playing cards290 armpits42935 back to back286 big breasts82073 boots22034 breasts277703 busty octavia2428 busty vinyl scratch2617 butt bump738 clothes459629 curvy6675 cutie mark47723 dress44524 female1363126 females only12644 fishnets5330 garters2808 glasses61907 huge breasts38304 leather1114 lesbian96977 looking at each other20221 nipple tape520 panties50227 pasties1812 purple dress74 rave604 scratchtavia2956 shipping200254 shoes36731 side slit1396 sideboob10367 stockings32755 strapless dress33 thigh boots1514 thigh highs36323 thong6043 total sideslit209 underboob3916 underwear60839


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I like to think they've both contracted as entertainment for the (futa) mane 6's private party, and this is the look they gave each other just as Vinyl successfully goaded Tavi into the idea of fucking all 6 of them at once — three for each, during which Vinyl will constantly be trying to show off her sexual exploits to Tavi, only to look over and see Tavi silently one-upping her every time.

But that's just me, being a dirty-minded clopfic writer. .
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Background Pony #118A
@Lil Miss Jay
Are you still working on the Lil Miss Rarity comic or is it done? Love your artwork and you playing card designs.
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