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Did debate quite a bit with myself about whether or not to post this here on dA, but you know what. It's just a butt. dA seen worse. A quite nice butt even. One of my best so far, I dare so.

I just liked how this turned out despite how little time used on it. So enjoy some Pristine Polish butt!
suggestive (122780) artist:ravenpuff (977) oc (575022) oc:pristine polish (9) anthro (219542) unguligrade anthro (41048) clothes (388833) female (850197) fishnets (4364) frilly underwear (4023) maid (5071) monochrome (142699) panties (44479) shoes (27700) skirt (34050) skirt lift (4446) solo (938937) solo female (163762) stockings (27488) tail upskirt (100) thigh highs (26637) traditional art (105250) underwear (53064) upskirt (5216)


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Cute innocent maid. To believe such a ruse. Good thing the FBI (Federal Boobie Inspector) is here. Just let me do my job first.
Oh and I need that entire outfit of yours too =)
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Yes, a very valid license.
Those panties do look good. The leg frills is a great feature, very cute. But how does the front look? And prints? Any bow?