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A nice person asked me to draw Fluttershy with pink panties, but… He didn't specify whose panties, so I drew Fluttershy with Trixie's pink panties, HA. How do you like that?
safe1556450 artist:starwantrix130 fluttershy195873 trixie61205 equestria girls177567 beanie3197 blushing172764 bunny ears3194 cheek squish675 clothes401586 embarrassed9914 embarrassed underwear exposure764 female880723 flower pattern underwear228 hat74722 hugging leg4 humiliation1938 lesbian91337 panties45468 pink underwear3712 public humiliation448 shipping181629 skirt35037 skirt lift4513 skirt pull420 socks55768 squishy cheeks2044 thigh highs27684 trixieshy159 underwear54411 upskirt5322


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With other cases Trixie wonders if she was to be wearing that short of a skirt while panty-less when in public flutter-shy is the few that can't resist spreading the lips of Trixie's clitoris in front of a crowd.