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A nice person asked me to draw Fluttershy with pink panties, but… He didn't specify whose panties, so I drew Fluttershy with Trixie's pink panties, HA. How do you like that?
safe (1520955) artist:starwantrix (130) fluttershy (192344) trixie (59661) human (139327) equestria girls (172082) beanie (3050) blushing (167402) bunny ears (2956) cheek squish (617) clothes (386853) embarrassed (9562) embarrassed underwear exposure (742) female (845145) flower pattern underwear (225) hat (72075) hugging leg (4) humanized (91901) humiliation (1856) lesbian (88841) panties (44302) pink underwear (3611) public humiliation (432) shipping (176665) skirt (33908) skirt lift (4434) skirt pull (412) socks (53783) squishy cheeks (1953) thigh highs (26461) trixieshy (158) underwear (52844) upskirt (5209)


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With other cases Trixie wonders if she was to be wearing that short of a skirt while panty-less when in public flutter-shy is the few that can't resist spreading the lips of Trixie's clitoris in front of a crowd.