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Here's Your Pizza Anon!
safe1687969 artist:pabbley2309 princess cadance32446 alicorn220908 pony949685 absurd resolution65772 belly button76346 box4564 cadance's pizza delivery43 cheese pizza57 clothes452734 cute197103 cutedance1238 delivery116 ear fluff28673 female1346023 flying37591 food68921 happy30720 implied anon660 legs together745 looking at you165220 mare471863 meat1853 open mouth142062 peetzer118 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza415 pizza1901 pizza delivery107 question mark4445 shirt24372 socks65295 solo1051590 spread wings53663 that pony sure does love pizza117 weapons-grade cute3646 wings103561


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Background Pony #D94F
Pabbley, you can turn any weird damn fandom meme into pure adorableness.
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I miss the show so much
We have drones delivering pizzas, but they have the Princess of Pizza for that.
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