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Here's Your Pizza Anon!
safe1615417 artist:pabbley2276 princess cadance31071 alicorn206004 pony883233 absurd resolution64293 belly button71191 box4334 cadance's pizza delivery43 clothes425883 cute186222 cutedance1133 delivery102 ear fluff25322 female1285946 flying35572 food64272 happy28806 looking at you152564 mare439387 meat1747 open mouth129841 peetzer112 pepperoni427 pepperoni pizza410 pizza1785 pizza delivery105 question mark4167 shirt22407 socks59642 solo1003506 spread wings49646 that pony sure does love pizza101 weapons-grade cute3374 wings87683


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Background Pony #D94F
Pabbley, you can turn any weird damn fandom meme into pure adorableness.
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The magic's gone :-(
We have drones delivering pizzas, but they have the Princess of Pizza for that.