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This is a sketch Evo drew a while back that I finally got around to uploading. It features my ponysona and my OC Crystal Lens cuddling while reading the same book together. Dusk looks pretty confused by it but Crystal is too focused on it to notice!
safe1708728 artist:evomanaphy871 oc686009 oc only449533 oc:crystal lens17 oc:dusk raven2 pony969812 unicorn324373 abstract background14727 book33519 cuddling8393 cute200158 duo61537 female1365238 glasses62033 glowing horn19694 horn67589 lying on top of someone380 magic73376 male373492 mare481764 misleading thumbnail1094 missing cutie mark4608 monochrome149875 ponysona2813 question mark4533 reading6277 sepia323 shadow4123 sketch62963 stallion109175 star wars3200 telekinesis27785 the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise7 thought bubble3426 unconventional cuddling1


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