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During the second week of an invasion by the Muspell, an empire bent on total galactic conquest, Iron Wingheart, commander of the Equestrian Military, lost his husband, Quasar, in an attack. Ambassador Gale Blitzwing, Iron's older sister, joins him in mourning his husband… her brother-in-law.

(Note: The 'gay' tag is there because of the wedding photo in the pic.)
safe1600768 artist:ruanshi112 oc616859 oc only412714 oc:gale blitzwing6 oc:iron wingheart16 bird7176 hybrid15817 parrot407 pegasus252236 battle armor20 bed37402 blanket4849 brother and sister3737 clothes419799 comforting1192 commission56593 context in description67 crying40553 drawer244 dress40611 eyes closed82800 female1273353 gay25244 head on lap73 interspecies offspring6322 male338632 mare432961 mourning63 offspring34693 parent:captain celaeno25 parent:oc:azure glide14 parents:azurlaeno13 parents:canon x oc1588 petting1704 pillow16133 ring2451 room950 siblings6685 stallion95969 sunset4794 tragedy96 wedding photo9 wedding ring706 window7580


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