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She alway takes form of thing most desirable by her victim
safe (1522764) artist:underpable (811) princess cadance (29579) queen chrysalis (31283) shining armor (21157) alicorn (183820) pig (697) pony (797338) unicorn (242988) blush sticker (1992) blushing (167734) brother may i have some oats (3) chonk (9) disguise (3664) disguised changeling (2113) fat (18999) female (846898) green changeling (699) infidelity (4944) jealous (1072) lust (213) male (288389) meme (76604) pigified (82) queen chrysalard (227) scrunchy face (6671) shining armor is a goddamn moron (125) species swap (17406) thick (3256)


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