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safe1691801 artist:candyclumsy645 princess cadance32523 princess celestia94405 princess luna98560 twilight sparkle298356 oc675647 oc:king speedy hooves299 alicorn221485 pony953461 comic:the fusion flashback 255 alicorn oc26115 alicorn princess382 basement259 blast640 canterlot5650 canterlot castle2157 comic108220 commissioner:bigonionbean1942 dialogue64628 ethereal mane7780 flashback1038 fusion5134 fusion:king speedy hooves300 magic72510 magic blast988 panic881 potion2127 royalty1201 shocked6857 sketch62200 sketch dump2941 surprised9151 talking to himself21 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122791 writer:bigonionbean1668


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