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version 1
safe1881867 artist:samyvillaly56 applejack182379 fluttershy229741 pinkie pie231462 rainbow dash251484 rarity196478 sci-twi27672 sunset shimmer69498 twilight sparkle322405 equestria girls224243 legend of everfree8411 clothes526525 crystal guardian689 everfree forest2225 geode of empathy3523 geode of shielding2670 geode of super speed2957 geode of super strength2692 geode of telekinesis3406 humane five4618 humane seven2936 humane six4376 magical geodes10816 ponied up5706 suit6993


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Background Pony #DF41
@Kaiser Umbra
Twilight- Purple: Telekinesis  
Sunset- Red with Orange Sun: Empathy (Can read minds and emotions)  
Pinkie- Pink: Bombs from sweets, glitter, and other girly things  
Rarity- White with Purple Diamond: Diamond Shield  
Rainbow- Blue: Super Speed  
Fluttershy- Yellow: Animal Communication  
Applejack- Orange with Red Apples: Super Strength
They are… the Crystal Guardians!