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As Princess Celestia gives a lecture on whatever it is, Sunset is scheming….

Those were the days when Sunset was still a bad girl. It’s been a long while since I’ve drawn her as a pony.

safe1751492 artist:johnjoseco4460 princess celestia96800 sunset shimmer64837 alicorn233046 pony1011422 unicorn342689 spoiler:comicannual201364 bad girl49 book34555 bookshelf3803 evil2983 evil planning in progress61 evil smirk73 female1402745 library3288 open mouth154608 pure unfiltered evil1758 scheming124 smiling261317


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Background Pony #3F6A

I would love it if Johnjoseco would reboot this series of Sunset’s story without thee Equestria Girls ‘humanized’ lore, all ponified style!!

Background Pony #F7C0

Not Pictured: Celestia Gendo-posing as her plan to make Sunset a villain, for her much more powerful, future student to face later in later in life.

My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It was at this moment, that Celestia decided she needed to swap the mirror that led to unholy power for the mirror that led to the magicless human world… just in case.

The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #4ECF
years later in an AU where Twilight couldn’t stop Sunset.
Sunset: “And now I will begin my invasion with an army of that which you fear most.”
Celestia: “Gasp you mean chickens?”
Sunset: “…Yes…chickens that right chickens and not…human teenagers?”
Celestia: “What’s a human?”

Background Pony #5E76

“She doesn’t suspect a thing. That pink dye slipped into her shampoo just before her appointment to model for action figures is a master-stroke!”

Background Pony #3783

“With the knowledge of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, Celestia has no chance against me.”


he ate Good Eric

An idea for an AU fanfic just occurred to me. Sunny-Sun, knowing Celestia won’t agree to alicornize her, lays a magical trap. She stays Celestia’s student until the return of Nightmare Moon, and then springs that trap. As soon as Nightmare Moon returns, she is incapacitated and all of her alicorn magic is drained away, which Sunny-Sun then steals for herself and ascends to alicornhood that way.


@Background Pony #CE6F
For the moment. Humans have something that ponies lack. Modern tech. Imagine what weaponry one can use against Equestria? Ponies have no need for advance tech since they have magic users.

@Background Pony #3340
Pastries that are good and stuff to avoid. It could come in handy. Some cakes can give you rumbly tummies. Celestia seems to want to explore cakes far and wide. 😆

With enough studying of techniques, the sunbutt will be tamed.