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Whoops, that's the wrong spell!
safe (1501572) artist:pabbley (2207) sunburst (5269) pony (778649) unicorn (233467) belly button (62844) book (28703) ear fluff (20399) female (825629) glasses (50607) glowing horn (14846) horn (32444) huh (22) implied transformation (320) implied transgender transformation (109) levitation (9577) magic (61429) mare (374762) open mouth (112863) question mark (3792) rule 63 (24020) solo (924805) spellbook (233) sunstone (g4 r63 sunburst) (40) telekinesis (22631)


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Prometheus labs CEO
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Starlight: damnit sunburst, what did tho do this time?
Sunburst: well, I was going through that book of transformation spells
Starlight: you mean the one I hid so you wouldn’t do something like this?
Sunburst: yes, that one. anyway, since my understanding of ancient equish is rather limited I mistook a genderswapping spell for a spell that would make me More attractive
Starlight: those… those aren’t even remotely similar, there’s even a drawing next to it that shows a stallion and a mare with an arrow pointing at the mare!
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Go fsck yourself
I like the idea that the automatic 'penalty' for stallions casting a spell incorrectly is instant transformation to a mare. Doesn't matter whether it's turning objects into teacups, teleporting to Tartarus, or making toast: screw up and you're a mare. LoL
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