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Hello everyone!

I've been on radio silence for a while, and I'm sorry about that. Like many other fanartists, I lost my drive to create fanart based off of a singular property and I really wanted to broaden my horizons. But since most of you follow for my MLP stuff, I felt a little constrained. So I drew other things and posted them to my Instagram, but in turn I kinda abandoned this account.

Deepest apologies to those who have missed me. I am still alive and I will be drawing for the rest of my life. You can follow my Instagram that I linked above if you want to see more of my art. Good news is I'm somewhat interested in drawing ponies again so you might see some new stuff for this account.

With my life story out of the way, time to talk about this! This is a redraw of something I drew over four years ago. As tradition for redraws, I've made a comparison version that you can view here:

Thanks to my followers who have stuck with me this far.

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