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suggestive148639 alternate version50182 artist:redvais200 marble pie6702 earth pony267940 pony1015267 :34720 antlers2189 bells388 book34654 butt66480 candle4921 candy7111 candy cane2461 christmas14165 christmas lights1799 christmas stocking679 christmas tree4208 clothes477400 dialogue68234 dock52229 featureless crotch7101 female1406010 fire11797 fireplace2814 food73223 frog (hoof)13958 holiday20467 hoofbutt1354 looking at you176394 looking back60306 looking back at you16104 marblebutt187 mare504311 mouth hold18125 plot82296 rear view12879 reindeer antlers499 solo1097404 solo female184034 spankable plot153 tail wrap6726 talking to viewer2952 tree33680 underhoof53925


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Complete fool for pegas
I’m afraid not…
I do apologize, but I already took my tree down today,  
I haven’t the heart to disassemble another one for at least another 52 weeks.