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This is the DCC20 submission from the Meme Team Discord server.
From left to right:

Upper row: Osha (Osha), NotADeliciousPotato (Huracata), Mikey (Sky Spark, drawn by Litrojia)

Lower row: DarklordYuri (Clear Sky and Hope Spot, drawn by Toyminator900), Any Pony (Atlas, drawn by Pirill), Toyminator900 (Uppercute), DevField (Golden Star), Pirill (Fidget), Litrojia (Cottonwood Kindle)
safe1708870 artist:devfield116 artist:litrojia116 artist:notadeliciouspotato120 artist:osha13 artist:pirill319 artist:toyminator900753 derpibooru exclusive28429 oc686095 oc only449579 oc:atlas101 oc:clear sky25 oc:cottonwood kindle47 oc:fidget46 oc:golden star70 oc:hope spot2 oc:huracata19 oc:osha71 oc:sky spark48 oc:uppercute181 earth pony249628 pegasus292711 pony969936 unicorn324419 2020 community collab1152 derpibooru community collaboration3808 amputee4719 bipedal34686 bow28715 clothes460476 collaboration5310 computer6186 cosplay27747 costume27469 cutie mark47782 ear piercing26404 earring21210 eyepatch2995 female1365335 hat87034 headband3466 jewelry63910 laptop computer2302 lazytown163 looking at you169043 male373530 mare481824 mouth hold17519 necklace18836 open mouth146334 piercing41262 pirate2440 pirate hat562 pleated skirt4059 pocket watch382 prosthetic limb2992 prosthetics3469 raised leg7747 risky boots9 robbie rotten83 sailor173 sailor mercury67 sailor uranus29 scimitar66 shantae294 simple background394267 sitting63390 skirt39839 skull3036 skull and crossbones85 spread wings54827 stallion109195 sword11690 the pirate bay3 transparent background202719 uniform10642 unshorn fetlocks25567 weapon30540 wings107816


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