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My part for the 2020 derpibooru collab with my characters, Max Mustang and Sea Foam. Each one is wearing sweaters and a scarf, but Sea Foam has hers covering her mouth due to the fact that she isn't fond of cold weather. Max himself is holding a cup of hot cocoa (which i vectored from scratch). Each one has a plushie with them of someone they both care for. Max with a plush of Twilight, and Sea Foam with a plush of my hippogriff oc Blue Cove as a seapony. enjoy!

Max Mustang, Blue Cove and Sea Foam belong to me, Pilot231.

Twilight Sparkle belongs to Hasbro.
safe1723942 artist:pilot231147 twilight sparkle302706 oc695615 oc:blue cove4 oc:max mustang31 oc:sea foam ep29 earth pony255415 pony984323 2020 community collab1151 derpibooru community collaboration3805 chocolate3387 clothes466032 cuddling8454 female1378659 flower on ear30 food71291 hot chocolate1257 lei222 male379003 mare489536 plushie24244 scarf23524 simple background399947 snow tip nose22 stallion111531 sweater14678 transparent background205032 vector77333


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