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Silverstream discovers sleep paralysis. Smolder is unamused presumably because she's had sleep paralysis too many times and is unphased by it by now.
safe (1501427) artist:gd_inuk (79) silverstream (4795) smolder (5798) classical hippogriff (4151) dragon (43528) hippogriff (7501) bed (33585) bedroom (7386) blanket (4324) bunk bed (72) clothes (381724) dialogue (54833) dragoness (5985) duo (43506) female (825491) floppy ears (43802) flying (31932) high res (18941) jewelry (43993) ladder (619) lamp (2090) looking at each other (14360) necklace (13472) nightgown (1207) pajamas (2724) pillow (14067) scared (8569) shrunken pupils (2070) sitting (50250) sleep paralysis (7) smolder is not amused (98) stairs (1375) table (7590) that hippogriff sure does love stairs (187) unamused (12304)


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Given my own experiences and those of several relatives I have a had time imagining anyone getting 'used to' sleep paralysis.
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You just have to deal with it silverstream, and try to ignore the shadow standing over you, it doesn’t like when you think about it

I went to a sleep clinic once. they hooked me up to a bunch of cables and didn’t allow me to take any sleeping meds. I basically sat their awake the entire night in an uncomfortable position, yet unable to move because of all the cables