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Capper’s reaction to the new version of musical “Cats”.
From trailer.
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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
@northern haste  
Funny, Doctor Who’s cat people look awesome, but the Hollywood blockbuster’s designs give us nightmares.
It helps that neither Thomas nor Novice Hame ever (a) ate bugs with human faces, or (b) tore off their skin to reveal a new body with a new outfit underneath.
northern haste
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Enter if you dare
If they were simply wearing clothes they probably would have looked a lot better. They definitely wouldn’t have had a weird bodies and maybe even more focus could have been put on the heads with the CGI
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I'm just this pone, see?
I honestly prefer the play’s costumes and makeup over this weird CGI thing. If they’re going to make them look like cats, make them look like cats.
Background Pony #D950
As it was not weird enought, in this movie:  
Cockroaches with human faces!
Digital Seapony
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2011: People complaining about anthro ponies because they look uncanny.
2020: People complaining about anthro cats because they look uncanny.
Some things never change.
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It’s tragic when the animated anthro cat looks more convincing than the supposed real life anthro cat.
I at least have no problem believing what species Capper actually is.