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The wondrous journey to adulthood

It's been one heck of a decade tho
safe1707193 artist:paskanaakka721 derpibooru exclusive28409 twilight sparkle300417 alicorn224566 pony968358 unicorn323729 the last problem5800 201055 2020389 bust50026 ear fluff29586 female1363814 mare481002 messy mane7743 older26727 older twilight1672 portrait30993 princess twilight 2.02364 simple background393708 then and now63 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123686 unicorn twilight17529


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Background Pony #FC22
Twilight sparkle learns what it is to work the same job for 10 years…
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Background Pony #370C
Indeed, It sure has been one hell of a decade for both bronies and everyone else.
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Background Pony #41D9
Inside every grumpy alicorn is a young filly wondering what the hell happened.
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