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The wondrous journey to adulthood
It’s been one heck of a decade tho
safe1949382 artist:paskanaakka791 derpibooru exclusive33931 twilight sparkle330376 alicorn270393 pony1299587 unicorn435686 the last problem7085 201068 2020799 bust65914 duo108335 ear fluff40647 female1582483 mare605838 messy mane9034 older33545 older twilight2595 portrait36823 princess twilight 2.03163 simple background491944 then and now70 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137481 unicorn twilight25330


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Background Pony #370C
Indeed, It sure has been one hell of a decade for both bronies and everyone else.
Background Pony #41D9
Inside every grumpy alicorn is a young filly wondering what the hell happened.