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As Sunset raged on, Rainbow Dash was trying everything she can to keep herself from passing out in a fit of laughter. “I thought you said this game was a breeze!”

“It was! But now you’re distracting me!”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sure that’s the problem.” Rainbow rolled her eyes. Sunset dies once again, sending her into another laughing fit. She felt her belly slosh and bounce as she cackled madly. “I think I’m gonna pee my pants!”

“Oh, hardy-har-har,” Sunset sneered, watching her friend trying to catch her breath. “Just keep sucking down that Creature stuff while I really show how it’s done.”

“If it’s anything like the last few tries, then I’m gonna need few more energy drinks,” Rainbow smiled before emptying her third can. “With you playing, it’s gonna be a long night.” She patted her bloated belly as she stifled a belch. “Do you have any more?”

As Sunset respawned her avatar, she took a quick glance at Rainbow’s prominent gut, which looked to have grown quite bigger. “Shouldn’t you be working out, though? You haven’t exactly been… active lately.”

“Like I said before, I would be working out if the school gym was open during break. But for now, I’m gonna have to wait til after the new year kicks in and the school opens back up.”

Sunset shrugged, “I guess.” She continued playing, still thinking in the back of her mind about how comfortable Rainbow is becoming with her extra weight. Perhaps a little too comfortable, as she does seem to be putting off her work-out routine a lot more often as of late. Maybe it’s best if-


“Alright, I’m looking up a walkthrough." Rainbow chuckled to herself.
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14 comments posted

Hey i'm Sunset
Sunset in her natural habitat all nice and big meanwhile Dash is just being Dash and showing a cute belly.

I loved the story and interaction these two are having and I couldn't help, but laugh as well. This was really good, but Dash better be careful before Sunset's anger really kicks in and she goes into demon mode.

Nice to see Dash getting more comfortable with her weight.
Background Pony #4853
That’s it, Dash. Give in to the weight, grow into a blob like your friends. It’s your destiny.

Also, Sunset suddenly getting the crap kicked out of her in what was supposed to be an easy game? Sounds like someone just tried to take on La Saia.

Edit: just now read the blog and realized she’s playing Sekiro. So, not Dark Cloud. Oh well, better a boss in a hard but fair game than a difficulty Spike with a completely unintuitive weakness.