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explicit326691 artist:chaosllama33 cozy glow6702 pegasus256762 pony881654 book31488 bookshelf3265 bound1579 candle4366 female1284840 freckles26139 insertion16081 magic68343 older24310 older cozy glow254 open mouth129660 slime1862 speech bubble21166 spellbook280 tentacle porn7463 tentacles11093 tentacles on female4083 tied up5311 vaginal insertion5757 vaginal secretions37479


not provided yet


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #4DB0
Eh, @the foalcon argument, I'd be willing to call this a mix of odd perspective and '18-year-old adult', since I feel like she looks just a bit bigger than a foal, at least in proportions. And this is coming from someone who enjoys foalcon. :P
Background Pony #D1CD
My initial assumption was that she was being metaphorical, as in "getting fucked by tentacles means you're an adult now", but the artist didn't tag this foalcon and even removed it when someone else did so maybe they really do believe that this is an adult Cozy…

Sunset Shimmer
Yeah I can't help but think this is "foalcon avoidal"
There's no indication of her being any older here.
She's literally no bigger than she is in the show.
Background Pony #094F
Uploaded just now and the drawing is 1000 years old by the third speech bubble. They grow up so fast.