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Let it be known: Twilight can talk out of her butt, and Pinkie can think with her hoof.

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safe1659314 artist:dziadek1990426 edit127867 edited screencap62316 screencap216097 pinkie pie211546 trixie65782 twilight sparkle294266 oc655569 oc:pinka48 comic:ponies and d&d34 griffon the brush off739 book32479 bookshelf3411 comic105891 conversation643 critical failure11 dialogue63037 dice475 dungeons and dragons1232 emote story:ponies and d&d99 epic fail261 fail1361 fantasy class1469 golden oaks library4904 library3123 pen and paper rpg629 rpg1055 screencap comic4446 slice of life1344 stairs1616 text56164


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