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safe1750710 artist:johnjoseco4460 princess celestia96765 princess luna100792 twilight sparkle306168 human158965 autumn1657 beautiful5781 beautisexy934 belly button81323 breasts288754 bush2828 busty princess celestia10594 busty princess luna7234 busty twilight sparkle12456 cleavage35648 clothes476123 converse5853 female1402064 forest10559 happy32186 humanized101924 jogging192 leaves2033 legs8830 midriff19861 running6153 running of the leaves177 sexy30697 shoes38745 shorts14549 smiling261024 sneakers5224 socks68569 sports bra3513 tallestia61 tanktop8071 tree33522 trio9752 woodlands5


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Well actually this was a commission for someone that took 7 years in the making. Originally it was just Twilight running then after a few years he added Celestia but never got around to completing the pic and just recently he added Luna as well and now its finished.