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Yep, and I am sure sisters also love New Year holidays =3
Just wanted to draw something by New Year theme, I really love this holiday >w<
safe1753574 artist:yakovlev-vad511 princess celestia96860 princess luna100873 deer6078 deer pony1243 original species26618 pony1013165 reindeer2079 antlers2180 bag5152 bells388 chest fluff41358 christmas14160 christmas lights1799 christmas presents153 christmas tree4204 cloud32168 cloven hooves10629 coca-cola242 cute206059 cutelestia3677 deerified290 duo64981 ear fluff31316 eye clipping through hair6473 female1404492 full moon3567 gift wrapped757 glass bottle35 harness2115 holiday20452 lantern1664 lunabetes3639 moon24144 night27436 night sky1871 open mouth155013 present6103 race swap14702 royal sisters4612 siblings9560 sisters9375 sky15018 sleigh266 snow14142 snowfall4513 species swap20710 stars16332 tack4902 tree33626


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Background Pony #6349
people seem surprised that Yakovlev has drawn the ponies as deer, but Yakovlev has been drawing the ponies as nothing BUT deer for the last couple years
Background Pony #1A5E
Why do people post duplicate pictures without checking by the author’s tag first?