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questionable106966 artist:5mmumm5296 sci-twi22240 sunset shimmer58341 twilight sparkle286272 bird7179 human145269 parakeet60 equestria girls185501 equestria girls series29730 arm behind head5590 armpits41564 assisted exposure1709 barefoot25311 braless736 breasts249550 comic102408 feet36121 female1273960 glasses55916 lesbian91176 nipples149087 nudity338780 perverse sexual lust13 pervert214 scitwishimmer2064 shipping186396 sleeping22000 sunsetsparkle4128


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Eternal Flame
Now that we have a bigger version… only now I'm realizing Sunset's actually pulling the shirt back up because Twilight looked uncomfortable when it was pulled down.
Ghost of Zeon



Ok I was looking at this trying to figure out what was happening. And I got it! She's sleeping peacefully with her top and air on her skin. Sunset pulls her top down. She starts to grumble and seems distressed. Then she lifts the top air flow is back and she settles back to peaceful sleep.