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You guys will have to live with this quick and dirty sketch for now. brb, going to drown myself in painkillers.
suggestive159740 artist:longinius859 princess celestia100698 alicorn253575 anthro292399 alternate hairstyle31207 apron4827 batter290 big breasts96060 blushing221835 breasts315474 busty princess celestia11350 cleavage38345 clothes518874 dialogue73663 erect nipples13058 female1501349 food79873 heart54887 heart eyes20350 housewife280 huge breasts44733 looking at you196301 momlestia fuel119 monochrome158106 naked apron1155 nipple outline8815 nudity419479 partial nudity23416 praise the sun2162 ribbon7783 ring4450 sideboob11802 solo1183118 solo female195520 spatula178 speech3241 talking to viewer3613 text68488 traditional art125741 wedding ring932 wingding eyes26995


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