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You guys will have to live with this quick and dirty sketch for now. brb, going to drown myself in painkillers.
suggestive162107 artist:longinius864 princess celestia101439 alicorn256728 anthro295668 alternate hairstyle31524 apron4879 batter294 big breasts97525 blushing224226 breasts319067 busty princess celestia11486 cleavage38699 clothes525432 dialogue74619 erect nipples13196 female1516909 food81096 heart55757 heart eyes20696 housewife280 huge breasts45325 looking at you199273 momlestia fuel120 monochrome159018 naked apron1162 nipple outline8908 nudity423642 partial nudity23732 praise the sun2180 ribbon7842 ring4568 sideboob11906 solo1195509 solo female197157 spatula178 speech3254 talking to viewer3708 text69906 traditional art126515 wedding ring948 wingding eyes27450


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