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NOTE: I did not make these. All credit goes to the original artist.

About time this guy did these girls. And man, are they adorable! Hope y'all enjoy!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜โœ”

And now, as is tradition, here's my question: Which one of these girls would like to have as a girlfriend and why? ;)
safe1658078 artist:the-butch-x1482 edit127786 editor:thomasfan45255 applejack165896 fluttershy207464 pinkie pie211434 rainbow dash228390 rarity177503 sci-twi23328 spike77233 spike the regular dog2452 sunset shimmer60922 twilight sparkle294098 dog9186 human150191 equestria girls193574 equestria girls series31339 applejack's hat6590 art set4 barrette388 beautiful5350 bed39331 belt5145 boots20832 bracelet8744 breasts265434 busty applejack10005 busty fluttershy16485 busty pinkie pie10450 busty rainbow dash7840 busty rarity12201 busty sci-twi631 busty sunset shimmer5196 butch's hello128 canterlot high2646 clasped hands36 clothes442193 cowboy hat14851 crossed legs3041 cute192492 dashabetes8819 denim skirt1409 description is relevant774 diapinkes9445 dress42861 equestria girls logo782 female1321217 geode of empathy2919 geode of fauna1664 geode of shielding2063 geode of sugar bombs1860 geode of super speed2153 geode of super strength1973 geode of telekinesis2765 glasses59267 grin36310 hairpin1520 happy29963 hat83181 hello x129 humane five3163 humane seven2366 humane six3011 jackabetes5690 jacket11877 jewelry58913 leggings1959 looking at you160036 magical geodes8125 mannequin1097 my little pony logo3579 open mouth137229 peace sign2754 pencil skirt249 pinkie pie's bedroom (equestria girls)15 ponytail17026 raribetes5157 rarity peplum dress581 sexy27931 shimmerbetes4231 shirt23586 shoes34353 shyabetes13068 signature22340 sitting60275 skirt38265 smiling235079 smiling at you2646 spikabetes1959 stairs1612 sunset's apartment330 tanktop7320 thumbs up950 twiabetes11299 wall of tags2848 waving2800


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Background Pony #8554

I'm just giving clarification here, that's all.

I know I can only choose one. I was just saying that 5 of the 7 girls really capture my attention with their looks and was mentioning something I like about each girl, Fluttershy being the most descriptive and the most emphasized on. And I also, clearly said that Fluttershy would be my girlfriend for the reasons I stated in my comment.
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Background Pony #E23F
Twily, Shimmy, Rares, Pinkie, and Flutty are all calling my name. Thereโ€™s something about one of the five cuties that I love! Twilight is an adorkable, girly nerd with Spike, an adorable puppy. Shimmy is just hot, both name wise and literal wise. Rares is an adorable fashionista, with a sexy body. Pinkie? That little party can make me smile the INSTANT I see her. And Fluttershy? OMG! Fluttershy is the definition of the perfect girl! Sheโ€™s cute, cuddly, sexy, kind, caring, and, best of all, sheโ€™s The Angel of Equestria Girls! That title is the icing on the cake for me! So, in terms of which girl I would want to be my girlfriend, it would have to be Fluttershy. The other 4 cuties would be great GFs too, but Fluttershy is the one for me!
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Artist -

The One and Only
As much as Rarity is my favorite of the group, as much as Sunset is my second favorite, I'm going to have to go with Applejack on this one. She's hard-working, independent, reliable, and honest; all the best qualities one can find in a significant other
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