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Yup, no choice at all.

I’ve been really dead for a while. Details here (Coms now closed tho).

tl;dr: Depression sucks yo. Getting better tho.
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Curiosity doomed the Nightmare………… or has it?

(Glad to hear you are getting better Silfoe. I can understand being in a bit of a rut.)
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Don’t worry Twilight you can definitely come up with a good story if your caught.
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Twilight found her empress' underground lair. Complete with meeting table whose chairs are all over a trapdoor that leads into a shark tank, rocket facility to travel to her secret moon base, giant laser cannon pointed at Ponyville, and refreshing cocktail bar and lounge. Because even Nightmare Moon wants to indulge her foalhood fantasies of spies and evil geniuses sometimes.
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Very Tired
Twilight, watch out. Next thing you know there will be a book under a box held up by a stick. If you encounter that, turn away. Resist the temptation.