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(I should have posted this on Christmas but whatever.)

It's been a long year… and quite one of the bad ones.

We've lost some of the greatest celebrities, persons and/or shows, many tragedies happened, we had our worst personal sturggles and we all just got crazy over many stupid stuff.

But this year might have brang us some nice things. We've tried new things we would not attempt to do, we got new fandoms we think they might be great and we, here on DeviantArt, all have met many new and great people here.

We all share similiar interests.

Some of us love pianos

Some of use dig "Nintendo DERPY"

And some of us still live in their parents attic/basement because we don't have a stable job and have enough to move out. (Please send help…) ._.

But mostly we love drawing and drawing MLP related pictures.

Merry Christmas to you all here on Derpibooru/Trixiebooru, those who also use DeviantArt and mostly, Merry Christmas to you all listed bellow and drawn on the picture.

Sa1ntMax Holding a staff

colt687 Flying, with a star decoration

ShyLunaAdopt On the top of the tree (This is the closest as I managed to draw you)

RainbowTashie Putting on the decorations

Guttatus The flying bat pony (Co-owner of Zjin Wolfwalker a.k.a. that zeebah near him.)

EbbySharp Stuck/hidden in the tree

Th3iPoDM0N Laying under the tree. (PIMZA !)

BlazeP0ny With a mocking bag

Paw-of-Darkness The bearded unicorn

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