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Since Big Mac ditched Marble Pie and broke her heart, she really needs a new special somepony and who's better than the gentle giant, Rockhoof? They are both sweet/fun, they are both related to rocks and also Rockhoof is bigger than Big Mac so Marble will have lots of fun with him.

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le grand rêveur
My hypothesis is that marble accompanies rockhoof on these storytelling tours.
If he had made it an episode, marble would have revealed his beautiful voice at that moment.
Background Pony #5111
Even though Big Mac and Marble Pie never became a couple, I think Big Mac would continue to care for Marble Pie as both a friend and honorary family member. And Marble Pie would have already moved on from her heartbreak in Best Gift Ever and be supportive of Big Mac and Sugar Belle's relationship. Here's hoping Marble Pie will find her own happy ending in the Season 10 comic books.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Insane Wallpaper Artist
@Background Pony #5111
Marble had a love relation with Big Mac and even though Big Mac didn't care for her, Marble was heartbroken to see her potential love being taken away. I also hope the S10 comics will get her a new special somepony.
Background Pony #5111
Technically, Big Mac did not "ditch" Marble Pie since they never became a couple in the first place. And I used to be a big MarbleMac shipper myself. Still, I see no reasons why Big Mac and Marble Pie could not remain family friends after Best Gift Ever and "The Big Mac Question". Maybe Marble Pie and Sugar Belle could become friends, much to Big Mac's shock and surprise!

And while I'm not entirely sold on Rockhoof and Marble Pie as a potential ship due to their age and size differences, I admit that the two of them look cute and adorable together. I would welcome any opportunities for Marble Pie to find her special somepony. Hopefully, Marble Pie will find her happy ending in the Season 10 comic books scheduled for April / May 2020.