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Artist's description from DA:
Shortly after the war Pinkie fell for a stallion by the name of Pokey Pierce. They met in physical rehabilitation and started a relationship together. Pokey got Pinkie pregnant. Now I haven't quite decided yet but Pokey is no longer in the picture. I can't decide between a) he dies from his injuries or some other affliction, or b) he just straight up leaves Pinkie. But I'll figure it out eventually.
Anyway, all alone and still struggling to recover from what happened during her deployment Pinkie was left to raise her son Granite Harrison Rock. She started up her bakery and was ready to give her child a nice quiet life away from anypony who might hurt them again.

Then along comes Cheese Sandwich. Cheese has diabetes and therefore could not have fought in the war. But when word reached him that the fabulous frizzy pink super duper party planner Pinkie Pie had hung up her party hats he raced to see what ever was the matter. He was astounded/appalled at what had happened to poor Pinkie. He vowed to her that until she felt safe, secure, and settled properly he too, would hang up his party hats and give her whatever assistance she needed. Pinkie was moved but hesitant. She didn't want to get too close to Cheese in fear of being left alone again.
She was terrified because in no time at all she found herself in love again. Cheese noticed how upset she was and tried to comfort her by confessing his love for her (and her son). He made her a Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich Promise to her that he would never leave her so long as his heart was beating, "cross his heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in his eye; slapped with Boneless, face full of rye, he'd stay with her until he'd die".

Cheese planned the most extravagant and fun close friends and small family wedding ever.
Soon after they had a daughter of their own, a little filly named Panini.
safe1599204 artist:phobicalbino173 cheese sandwich3700 pinkie pie205835 oc615982 oc:granite harrison rock7 oc:panini patricia pie7 earth pony210356 pony868339 cheesepie1217 colt13526 family4078 female1271981 filly60661 foal14983 glasses55813 half-siblings561 male338127 mare432098 offspring34629 parent:cheese sandwich1615 parent:pinkie pie3640 parent:pokey pierce453 parents:cheesepie1395 parents:pokeypie413 partial color4779 quartet387 scar10611 shipping186122 simple background354009 stallion95764 straight126142 white background88575


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