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safe1706497 artist:lightning stripe146 derpibooru exclusive28388 cozy glow7407 lord tirek5301 queen chrysalis34795 centaur3403 changeling47641 changeling queen16485 pegasus291866 pony967615 frenemies (episode)1594 antlers2067 beard3633 blue mane937 christmas14032 christmas changeling193 curly hair675 curly mane402 cute199812 cutealis2149 cutie mark47724 eyes closed93549 facial hair5870 female1363145 filly66661 foal15424 freckles28878 green eyes4228 grumpy2533 hand on face142 holiday20139 horns5946 humiliation2144 humor984 laughing8000 long hair4226 male372711 merry christmas484 mount everhoof29 pink coat136 pun7530 quadrupedal1754 queen chrysalis is not amused83 red nose378 reindeer antlers496 ribbon7080 show accurate15512 signature24792 snow13781 snowfall4462 text59551 this will end in death2436 this will end in pain1953 this will end in tears3351 this will end in tears and/or death2285 trio9183 unamused16232 vector76891 wings107407


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Float On
"On second thought, getting dethroned and losing my kingdom and my subjects was a lot less humiliating than this…"
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