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safe1770000 artist:lightning stripe157 derpibooru exclusive29713 cozy glow7849 lord tirek5469 queen chrysalis35758 centaur3616 changeling50598 changeling queen18169 pegasus316689 pony1029936 frenemies (episode)1630 antlers2235 beard3875 blue mane1265 christmas14198 christmas changeling194 curly hair725 curly mane428 cute208052 cutealis2176 cutie mark50586 eyes closed99988 facial hair6365 female1418686 filly70923 foal15863 freckles30611 green eyes4836 grumpy2645 hand on face158 holiday21109 horns6514 humiliation2241 humor1021 laughing8401 long hair4522 male394113 merry christmas484 mount everhoof29 pink coat153 pun7747 quadrupedal1836 queen chrysalis is not amused86 red nose388 reindeer antlers499 ribbon7317 show accurate17375 signature27582 snow14241 snowfall4538 text63264 this will end in death2580 this will end in pain2068 this will end in tears3463 this will end in tears and/or death2346 trio9990 unamused17001 vector78461 wings126866


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