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safe1639613 artist:alexia tryfon28 artist:angela an11 artist:rebecca dart23 scorpan296 storm king1157 tempest shadow16351 gargoyle256 pony905261 unicorn295575 yeti299 my little pony: the movie18480 the art of my little pony: the movie209 spoiler:my little pony movie83 armor22708 broken horn13452 cloak4033 clothes435743 concept art1210 crown15509 debris131 destroyed108 elderly471 eye scar4830 fangs23444 female1305373 horn55851 jewelry57213 lava829 male351222 mare449912 original design19 prologue31 regalia18154 scar11278 staff2851 staff of sacanas374 stairs1594 storm guard353 storm king's emblem126 tail23524 throne room1013 tusk64 weapon29052 wings93116


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I hate ececutive and market meddling getting in the way of us enjoying the things we love. This is the reason why we never got the chance to see Luna throughout Season One (Hasbro thought that she was still a villain), or why Spike has been treated as an accessory for Twilight at best and a slapstick butt-monkey at worst (this is despite the fact that most of us latch onto Spike as a main character and often tries to see Spike as essentially being either a Seventh Element of Harmony or even Twilights' Son)

If this was the movie we got instead of the first Equestria Girls, than I believe that Alicorn Twilight Sparkle would have been better recieved following Magical Mystery Cure, seriously, watch the Season 3 finale and then switch over to this movie; you can immediately tell that THIS would have been the perfect movie thematically to showcase Twilights struggles with Alicornhood and the faults that are still apparent in her character that would help the audience.
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What did the comics go with regarding how the Storm King got the Staff of Sacanas again? Because the idea of learning that Scorpan is still alive sounds cool.
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