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I made this OC on ponytown. Dont have a name for her yet.
semi-grimdark30366 derpibooru exclusive29308 oc711818 griffon27991 pony1010331 fallout equestria17560 pony town3763 amputee4852 artificial wings1675 augmented2558 bloody eyes6 clothes475919 evil grin4595 eyepatch3091 fallout3686 female1401691 grin40907 knife5486 mercenary121 metal beak2 metal claws96 piercing43098 prosthetic limb3087 prosthetic wing817 prosthetics3595 raider792 smiling260853 solo1094233 wings123067


not provided yet


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Hi DiscordsChangeling,

I wanted to make sure you got into the collaboration, so I drew your OC based on this image.

Here's the result:

I made some of the colors more primary so they'll stand out once it gets scaled for the final collaboration image, so it's not quite on character, but I hope it's close enough for you.

Let me know if there's any changes you would like, and I'll try to make them if there's time.
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