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🎄Drink Egg Knock for the first time🎄
safe1690183 artist:5mmumm5303 starlight glimmer48170 trixie66900 pony951844 unicorn316355 blushing194843 christmas sweater185 clothes453613 coffee mug1265 comic108084 cute197446 diatrixes3086 duo59693 eggnog117 facial hair5764 female1348103 glimmerbetes3798 mare473044 moustache2897 mug4190 snow13724 snowflake731 sweater14340


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"What's this?"
"It's called 'egg nog'. I think you'll really like it."
"'Egg knock'? Trixie has to say, that name doesn't make it sound very appealing."
"No no, Trixie, it's 'egg nog'."
"That's what Trixie said, 'egg knock'."
"…sip…! siiiiiiiiiip! Wow, Glim, you were right! This egg knock is delicious!! "
"Told you so. Everypony loves a hot mug of egg knock for the holidays."
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