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Cozy unwittingly causes Twilight's popularity to skyrocket.
suggestive139801 edit129645 edited screencap63444 screencap218919 ballet jubilee39 candy grapes36 citrine spark400 cozy glow7239 fire quacker399 green sprout33 huckleberry370 indigo daze29 lilac swoop53 november rain571 peppermint goldylinks465 shuffle step31 slate sentiments116 violet twirl153 pegasus281631 pony942079 unicorn312281 school raze2316 angry26589 caption21168 cozy glow is best facemaker557 cozybetes1194 cropped48561 cute195803 female1339092 filly64932 foal15294 friendship student1648 image macro36967 implied sex5862 implied shipping4868 implied straight5315 implied twispike100 madorable657 male363701 mare467942 stallion105227 talking5340 text58279 trio focus54


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