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Redesigned Sweetbuns and made her into Honeybun, and now she has a girlfriend!
Honeybun is a tall, nervous mare who moved from the heart of canterlot to follow her dream of owning a bakery with treats topped with fresh honey, made directly by the bees she personally loves and takes care of. In ponyville she landed a job working at The Sweet Spot, a bakery owned by her future lover, Babycakes!
Babycakes is a pony of few words, but she's sure to get her point across. She grounds Honeybun in her times of worry, and spends what time she has not used baking planting and potting flowers for girlfriend's bees.
safe1707710 artist:cosmichorse27 oc685468 oc:babycakes5 oc:honeybun5 earth pony249253 pony968862 shetland pony108 unicorn323982 baker53 bakery128 blushing197869 cake9799 chubby13159 cinnamon bun172 couple5417 cute200003 cutie mark47754 digital art18805 female1364343 fluffy14257 food70196 frosting747 lesbian97073 lidded eyes30737 mare481294 oc x oc15492 romance774 shipping200401 short237 simple background393923 trans female784 transgender1867


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