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Animated comission for full of Sunset Shimmer  
This one was really fun to do, I haven’t done custom comissions in a while and this one was a very cool experience~  
Hope you like it!
suggestive159738 artist:rikeza18 sunset shimmer68870 human180325 equestria girls222381 adorasexy10848 animated106466 anime6172 bent over4390 bouncing5433 bouncing breasts4235 breasts315473 bunny ears4146 bunny suit2855 bunny tail245 busty sunset shimmer6322 cleavage38345 clothes518870 commission85131 cute220347 female1501337 frame by frame4181 gif35570 humanized105706 leotard5250 looking at you196299 mega milk124 meme86334 one eye closed36460 pantyhose3700 playboy bunny818 ribbon7783 sexy34333 shimmerbetes4691 smiling297191 smiling at you9812 solo1183114 solo female195520 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1107 suit6881 wink27792


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Everything is Everything
Hey there, sexy lady… ❤️
Seriously, though, this is pretty awesome. Wonder if the artist is still taking commissions…

I have to say, for a obviously not professional level animation it is actually very well made, and that’s coming from an animation get, the flow of her hair, the bouncing of her breasts, bunny ear and her fluffy tail was well made too. Not to mention the light and shadows transition. You really make me love sunset shimmer much more than I used to.