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Alternate Source (Tumblr)
safe1945427 artist:dcon131 applejack186325 rainbow dash257139 human197988 equestria girls230727 alternate hairstyle32928 apple18840 apple cider414 appledash7178 barefoot32172 basket3729 blushing234652 cheek kiss2273 clothes549389 dappled sunlight336 eyes closed117994 feet47945 female1578787 flannel shirt126 food85839 football1802 high res83892 holding hands3340 hoodie17456 humanized108970 kissing28337 lesbian107553 nail polish9847 picnic1552 picnic basket661 picnic blanket1218 pigtails5541 shipping227124 shirt31677 shoes removed183 shorts16859 sports4805 tanktop9406 that pony sure does love cider80 winged humanization9456 wings168959


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