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https://t.co/Vx5Ue7HBXM Arting
safe1653750 artist:miokomata768 fluttershy207089 pegasus271533 pony918273 semi-anthro12818 adoracreepy615 blue background4692 blushing188860 bust46455 chest fluff36181 creepy4196 creepy smile564 cute191815 ear fluff26895 fangs23851 female1317513 fluffy13687 folded wings5470 freckles27218 freckleshy155 grin36112 looking at you159258 mare456230 neck fluff712 shyabetes13006 simple background375827 slasher smile377 smiling233873 solo1030075 squee1951 staring into your soul223 wings96326


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Background Pony #B286
Fluttershy is already pretty cute, but Freckleshy is just that much cuter.
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