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safe1677175 artist:miokomata774 applejack167527 fluttershy209638 pinkie pie213413 rainbow dash230662 rarity179204 twilight sparkle296785 alicorn218840 earth pony238091 pegasus280640 pony939889 unicorn311403 semi-anthro13029 applejack's hat6819 blushing192755 both cutie marks10164 chest fluff37576 cowboy hat15179 featureless crotch6749 female1337018 floppy ears50733 food68291 freckles27909 hat84444 mane six31470 mare466856 marshmallow1319 open mouth140226 rarity is a marshmallow391 simple background383845 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122168 white background95209


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