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Scootaloo was walking home from school one day, when she was startled by Rainbow Dash suddenly landing in front of her.

“Ah scoots!” The blue pegasus said without any introduction “You'll do…” she announced, matter-of-factly as she walked around to stand by Scootaloo's side. She placed one hoof of Scootaloo's shoulders, and the other on her rump, just above the tail, anchoring the filly in place. She then slowly opened her maw and wrapped it around Scoot's entire flank! She kneaded the soft tender flesh between her teeth and quietly moaned in pleasure.

“Uh.. R. Rainbow?? What are you doing?”

Rainbow Dash pulled away and, taking a firm hold of the filly's hips, lifted her clear into the air and up to her mouth, eliciting a meek yelp from the young pony. “It's been a rough day and I need some quick energy so I'm going to eat you. You don't mind right? I know you're a little on the small side still but that's ok. I just need a snack right now.”

Scootaloo's eyes widened. “What?? But! You.. I.. Wha..?”

“Thanks Scoot's” Rainbow continued “Don't worry, I'll have you churning to mush in my belly in no time!”

With that, Rainbow once more wrapped her maw around the small pony's juicy flank and took a gulp, sending half of the smaller pony down her throat in one swallow.

Scootaloo could only watch on helplessly as she saw her body stuffed mercilessly down the tight wet gullet of the pony she so admired.

In no time, Rainbow Dash had squeezed the orange filly's entire body into her throat so that just her head and hoofs were sticking out. She then tilted her head back and took one last, large, gulp. Sending Scootaloo sloshing into her eagerly awaiting stomach.

Scoot's couldn't believe what had just happened. She was now fully entombed inside Rainbow's stomach. The walls were pounding her on all side and the gooey acids were lapping at her thighs and hips.

“Mm you tasted amazing Scoot's, thanks for the meal! Now digest nice and quick for me ok?”

“Bu.. But Rainbow…”

“Shhh..” Rainbow soothed, rubbing her slightly distended belly. “Try not to think about it, just let yourself melt away…”

Scootaloo was struggling to maintain consciousness as the air was growing thin. She could feel the acids burning into her flesh but couldn't muster much resistance other than to squirm weakly. After just a couple of minutes she watched as the soft flesh of her thighs and hips sloughed away into the violently bubbling acids, and her eyes drifted shut as she finally passed out, never again to awaken.

Sensing that the occupant of her stomach had stopped moving, Rainbow pushed on her belly, helping it quickly dissolve the remaining contents. Then she hopped into the air and flew back into the sky, ready to continue her day with renewed vigour.



ARTIST'S NOTES: Dash's hair is so hard to color xD

This was just a quick, fun idea I had that I wanted to get down It's a nice change of pace to do something that isn't 100% willing once in a while.

I've been trying out a new way of painting hair which I think works quite well for smaller sections like the manes, but I can't quite get it to work for larger chunks like Dashes tail (although that might have just been because of all the colors xD)
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It looks really weird how the manes and tails don't have outlines, but the rest of their bodies do.
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Shame the other crusaders weren’t with her. Not only would Dashie’s belly grow bigger but they would have given her some more energy
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