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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “Thanks″
safe1655788 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends953 moondancer4712 starlight glimmer47123 twilight sparkle293796 alicorn214664 pony920205 unicorn302673 comic:adorkable twilight and friends831 adorkable3445 adorkable twilight594 bed39238 comic105681 computer5943 cute192115 dork3711 emotional146 envelope299 hug27166 humor948 laptop computer2200 lying down14237 magic70730 maturity11 money1246 responsibility25 slice of life1342 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120909


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Background Pony #EFA5
@Dirty Bit
Less a freeloader and more a friend who presumed on Twilight's hospitality after she was evicted from her own home. She didn't barge in, exactly, more showed up with luggage and asked if she could crash on Twilight's couch, jokingly saying that she was definitely not evicted from her home for being a hoarder. Twilight offered her a room. So… she was invited to stay as well.
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
And here we thought Moondancer was just a freeloader. Good on her for paying her dues.

Starlight does have a point, though she could at least contribute more.
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Background Pony #1FC4
This is a great character building moment that I think is being overlooked for Moondancer. She continues to please me. She's always silently in the background but being rather studious.
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