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safe1900586 screencap247736 twilight sparkle324724 alicorn260919 pony1248162 the last problem6878 cropped53924 crown22845 ethereal mane10053 female1537455 hoof shoes7008 jewelry84151 mare578607 older32394 older twilight2427 princess twilight 2.03018 regalia27074 solo1211578 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134750 wings158691


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Background Pony #4ACB
I remember 4chan making jokes and fake edits of exactly this kind of thing years ago, so many fake leaks, so many dumb images comparing that “look, Twalot is slightly taller than the others now!!” and so forth, but wow, they actually did it. I can’t tell if this is genuinely what they wanted to go with or if they did it to troll the exact people who got upset about it in the first place.
I don’t know how to feel about it one way or another. Twilight doesn’t look bad and at the very least it’s not a disaster of a design like the CMC’s cutie marks.
Background Pony #ADFE
I didn’t think the former princesses magic transfer would make Twilight turn into this.