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Honestly, I always forget about these four. And I'm not alone, as by the time three of them disappeared, half the brony fandom moved on.
safe1585523 artist:mega-poneo313 edit119495 edited screencap57191 screencap206088 babs seed5544 diamond tiara9668 silver spoon6167 spoiled rich1002 earth pony205440 pony855697 call of the cutie623 crusaders of the lost mark1575 one bad apple1324 ponyville confidential899 caption19105 female1185580 four ancient evils2 image macro35889 mare426510 meme78990 op is a duck4254 op is trying to start shit2766 seed19 text51945


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Background Pony #0195
One Bad Apple

Babs Seed: I'm gonna tell your mother
Diamond Tiara: NO! PLEASE DON'T!

In Crusaders of the Lost Mark it is revealed that Diamond Tiara's mother, Spoiled Rich, was responsible for her behavior and encouraged her to act the way she did. Why the fuck was she afraid of that?