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The MLP series finally was so amazing!! There was just so much, and so many scenes I loved. But if I were to try and draw all the scenes I enjoyed, it would take an eternity, and I have already spent a long-enough hiatus making these, alongside school. So anyway, hope y’all enjoy the couple pieces I did manage to do for the series finally:)

safe2117526 artist:radiancebreaker200 applejack196150 fluttershy252006 pinkie pie249976 rainbow dash272823 rarity212892 starlight glimmer58554 twilight sparkle349779 alicorn302664 earth pony422835 pegasus471250 pony1478635 unicorn512371 g41926606 the last problem7831 clothes611435 coronation dress946 dress59452 mane six36818 monochrome171649 second coronation dress317 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146018


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