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Patreon reward from REDXBACON Looks like Katy pissed off the wrong unicorn. Don't worry, she probably did something to deserve this. Probably.
semi-grimdark (26157) artist:redxbacon (1161) oc (566221) oc only (385118) oc:katydid (4) pegasus (212565) pony (778352) abuse (5829) bloodshot eyes (1070) bondage (28326) female (825262) filly (55305) food (55895) hand (7277) lemon (266) magic (61416) magic hands (611) rope (9529) rope bondage (2782) screaming (2705) simple background (315963) solo (924510) white background (79036)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #F990
Man… either she did something REALLY bad to deserve this, or the other unicorn is exceedingly cruel. Ouchies…