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Here’s the cover image that was made for the following story months earlier: consider this as an antidote for all the dreams and nightmares of the past and present, courtesy of yours truly; after all, it's catharsis, nothing more, nothing less.
suggestive128299 artist:smudge proof1978 edit117918 dinky hooves4260 tag-a-long220 twist2799 anthro230987 earth pony199933 unicorn267182 blushing176194 charity220 collar28806 cover art1049 cover image13 fanfic10207 fanfic art13076 fanfic cover1169 female901337 females only11043 filly guides339 filly scouts134 hat76763 head shot206 inspired by another artist19 older23079 photoshop3678 simple background346413 smiling215592 thin mint122 tongue out90732 trio7325 trio female987


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