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Keep in mind, both choices end the conversation.

Thorax: 124
Spike: 18

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safe (1504906) artist:papadragon69 (898) pharynx (796) spike (71570) thorax (3807) changedling (6611) changeling (36464) dragon (43720) comic:spike's cyosa (273) 3d (56536) changedling brothers (227) changeling hive (487) choice (156) choose your own adventure (546) comic (95791) cup (5055) food (56198) implied princess ember (23) king thorax (2429) older (21054) older spike (4213) prince pharynx (558) rock (3648) source filmmaker (33781) sugarcube (168) table (7626) tea (2684) teacup (2392) teenage spike (639) teenager (3714) winged spike (6382)


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25 comments posted
Background Pony #E043
We are probably only going to be given to decision to either bang Ocellus or bang no one.

Which is sad. I want him to bang Thorax.
Background Pony #FD51
"Keep in mind, both choices end the conversation."
Good to know, I can't imagine how Spike would bring up talking about himself smoothly so I'll go with the hive.