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Originally Posted on 13 May 2015
Someone on tumblr asked what was the kind of relationship Bing Cherry and Harmony have, and I had this drawing laying around and thought it was perfect for the question. XD

Harmony is cherished and adored by all of the Next Gen and Bing Cherry is no exception, but he sees her more than just a close friend. For him she’s like part of the family and he proclaimed her an “honorary cousin” of the Apple/Cherry clan. Windy Belle used to have this title too but Bing renounced it after the giant bat prank.Despite his gigantic and intimidating physique Bing is very kind and gentle to Harmony. And she, even though she’s easily scared by big tough looking stallions, doesn’t feel intimidated by Bing at all.
Bing helped Harmony open up a bit more to others by giving her constant motivation, she already received it from her big sister but having someone else’s incentive was more helpful. And he even successfully managed to make her sing in front of him, because he was constantly whistling and singing in front of her, waiting for her to crack and join him.
Bing Cherry and Harmony © me
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